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Authors Title
Jerry BallExplorations in ACT-R Based Cognitive Modeling — Activation, Selection and Verification without Inhibition in Language AnalysisView Abstract
Chitta Baral, Juraj DzifcakSolving puzzles described in English by automated translation to answer set programming and learning how to do that that translationView Abstract
Paul Baxter, Anthony Morse, Rachel Wood, Tony BelpaemeMemory-Centred Architectures: Perspectives on Human-level Cognitive CompetenciesView Abstract
Mihai BoicuCognitive Assistants for Evidence-Based Reasoning TasksView Abstract
Ladislau BoloniAn investigation into the utility of episodic memory for cognitive architecturesView Abstract
Michael Cox, Don Perlis, Tim OatesToward an Integrated Metacognitive Architecture View Abstract
Ben GoertzelIntegrating a Compositional Spatiotemporal Deep Learning Network with Symbolic Representation/Reasoning within an Integrative Cognitive Architecture via an Intermediary Semantic NetworkView Abstract
Alexandra KirschHumanlike Problem Solving in the Context of the Traveling Salesperson ProblemView Abstract
Justin Li, John LairdPreliminary Evaluation of Long-term Memories for Fulfilling Delayed IntentionsView Abstract
John Licato, Selmer BringsjordIn Defense of the neo-Piagetian Approach to Modeling and Engineering Human-Level Cognitive SystemsView Abstract
Christopher MacLellanAn Elaboration Account of InsightView Abstract
Mary Lou Maher, Reasoning in the Absence of GoalsView Abstract
Maricarmen Martinez, Towards a domain-independent computational framework for theory blendingView Abstract
David McDonaldThe Location of Words: Evidence from generation and spatial descriptionView Abstract
Keith McGreggor, Ashok GoelFractally Finding the Odd One Out: An Analogical Strategy For Noticing NoveltyView Abstract
Shiwali Mohan, John E. LairdTowards Situated, Interactive, Instructable Agents in a Cognitive ArchitectureView Abstract
Sushobhan Nayak, Amitabha Mukerjee, Varunesh MishraTowards a Cognitive Model for HumanWayfinding Behavior in Regionalized EnvironmentsView Abstract
Andrew Nuxoll, Brian Burns, Tanya L. Crenshaw, Zachary FaltersackZiggurat: Steps Toward a General Episodic MemoryView Abstract
Alessandro Oltramari, Christian LebiereMechanisms Meet Content: Integrating Cognitive Architectures And OntologiesView Abstract
Paul RosenbloomBridging Dichotomies in Cognitive Architectures for Virtual HumansView Abstract
Erik SandewallIntelligent Software Individuals Based on the Leonardo SystemView Abstract
James Segedy, Gautam Biswas, John S. KinnebrewModeling Learner's Cognitive and Metacognitive Strategies in an Open-Ended Learning EnvironmentView Abstract
Daniel ShapiroThe Social Agency ProblemView Abstract
David StracuzziA Plausibility-Based Approach to Incremental InferenceView Abstract
Ben Weber, Arnav Jhala, Michael MateasBuilding Human-Level AI for Real-Time Strategy GamesView Abstract