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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Workshop on Goal Reasoning

Chair: David Aha
Location: TSRB 134

NSF Sponsored Students of Cognitive Systems Workshop

Chairs: Maria Chang, Shiwali Mohan and Bryan Wiltgen
Location: GVU Café (2nd Floor TSRB)


Day I: Friday, May 29, 2015

Time Authors/Presenters Title
8:30 am Registration
9:00 am Ashok Goel, Mark Riedl, and Alan Wagner Welcome, introductions, and opening remarks
  Session 1 (Chair: Kenneth Forbus)
9:30 am Invited talk: Yolanda Gil The Human Bottleneck in Data Analytics: Opportunities for Cognitive Systems in Automating Scientific Discovery
10:30 am Refreshments
  Session 2: Concept Formation (Chair: John Laird)
11:00 am Christopher MacLellan, Erik Harpstead, Vincent Aleven, and Kenneth Koedinger TRESTLE: Incremental Learning in Structured Domains Using Partial Matching and Categorization
11:25 am Wei Peng and John Gero Situated Concept Formation from Interactions: An Implementable Constructive Memory Model
11:50 am Tarek Besold and Ute Schmid The Artificial Jack of All Trades: The Importance of Generality in Approaches to Human-Level Intelligence
12:15 pm Buffet lunch (TSRB 132)
  Session 3: Visual Thinking (Chair: Sergei Nirenburg)
1:30 pm Maithilee Kunda Computational Mental Imagery, and Visual Mechanisms for Maintaing a Goal-Subgoal Hierarchy
1:55 pm Jigar Doshi, Zsolt Kira, and Alan Wagner From Deep Learning to Episodic Memories: Creating Categories of Visual Experiences
2:20 pm Maithilee Kunda and Julia Ting Looking Around the Mind's Eye: How Internal Deployments of Attention Can Affect Visual Search Performance
2:45 pm Refreshments
  Session 4: Qualitative/Quantitative reasoning (Chair: Pat Langley)
3:15 pm Kazjon Grace and Mary Lou Maher Surprise and Reformuation as Metacognitive Processes in Creative Design
3:40 pm Adam Arvay and Pat Langley Heuristic Adaptation of Rate-Based Process Models
4:05 pm Timoth Wiley, Claude Sammut, Bernhard Hengst, and Ivan Bratko A Multistrategy Architecture for On-Line Learning of Robotics Behavors Using Qualitative Reasoning
4:30 pm Brayn Wiltgen and Ashok Goel SBFCalc: Supporting Conceptual Design through Constrained Model Simulation
6:00 pm

Microsoft Conference Reception (TSRB 132 and 133)

Conference posters (open all conference, TSRB auditorium area)

Goal Reasoning Workshop posters (TSRB 132)

Student Workshop posters (TSRB 133)

Georgia Tech cognitive systems posters (TSRB 132/133)

8:00 pm Day ends


Day II: Saturday, May 30, 2015

Time Authors/Presenters Title
8:45 am Registration
9:00 am Announcements
  Session 5 (Chair: Douglas Fisher)
9:05 am Invited talk: Michael Anderson Using Structure Where You Find It: Symbol Systems in Multi-Step Cognition
10:05 am Simon Stoilkovokj, Ivan Bratko, and Matej Guid A Computational Model for Estimating the Difficulty of Chess Problems
10:30 am Refreshments
  Session 6: Agents (Chair: Elizabeth Whitaker)
11:00 am Matthew Molineaux and David Aha Continuous Explanation Generation in Multi-Agent Domains
11:25 am Katherine Metcalf and David Leake Automated Identification of Relative Social Status
11:50 am Yasaman Abbasi, Martin Short, Arunesh Sinha, Nicole Sintov, Chao Zhang, and Milind Tambe Human Adversaries in Opportunistic Crime Security Games: Evaluating Competing Bounded Rationality Models
12:15 pm Buffet lunch (TSRB 132)
  Session 7 (Chair: Ashok Goel)
1:30 pm Panel on Education in Cognitive Systems (Douglas Fisher, Ashok Goel, Patrick Winston)
2:30 pm Refreshments
  Session 8: Language (Chair: William Underwood)
3:00 pm Marjorie McShane Expectation-Driven Treatment of Difficult Referring Expressions
3:25 pm David Barbella and Kenneth Forbus Exploiting Connectivity for Case Construction in Learning by Reading
3:50 pm Aditya Kalyanpur and J. William Murdock Unsupervised Entity-Relation Analysis in IBM Watson
4:15 pm Christopher Geib Lexicalized Reasoning
5:30 pm

Conference dinner (TSRB 132 and 133)

  Session 9 (Chair: David Aha)
6:00 pm Invited Talk: Hector Munoz-Avila (TSRB 132 and 133)
7:30 pm Day ends


Day III: Sunday, May 31, 2015

Time Authors/Presenters Title
8:45 am Registration
9:00 am Announcements
  Session 10 (Chair: Mark Riedl)
9:05 am Invited talk: Patrick Winston Getting Beyond the Shadows on the Wall
10:05 am Boyang Li A Dynamic and Dual-Process Theory of Humor
10:30 am Refreshments
  Session 11: Planning and Search (Chair: Alan Wagner)
11:00 am Ron Alford, Hayley Borck, Justin Karneeb, and David Aha Active Behavior Recognition in Beyond Visual Range Air Combat
11:25 am Son To, Pat Langley, and Dongkyu Choi A Unified Framework for Knowledge-Lean and Knowledge-Rich Planning
11:50 am Thomas Hinrichs and Kenneth Forbus Qualitative Models for Strategic Planning
12:15 pm Boxed lunch and farewell
1:00 pm Day ends


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