A New Conference for Cognitive Systems Pat Langley 1 PDF Abstract
Intelligent Behavior in Humans and Machines Pat Langley 3 PDF Abstract
Refereed Articles
Revising Domain Knowledge with Cross-Domain Analogy Scott Friedman, David M. Barbella, Kenneth D. Forbus 13 PDF Abstract
Crowdsourcing Narrative Intelligence Boyang Li, Stephen Lee-Urban, Darren S. Appling, Mark Riedl 25 PDF Abstract
Pretense and Cognitive Architecture Paul Bello 43 PDF Abstract
Computational Models of Emotion and Cognition Jerry Lin, Marc Spraragen, Michael Zyda 59 PDF Abstract
Seeing Unseeability to See the Unseeable Siddharth Narayanaswamy, Andrei Barbu, Jeffrey M. Siskind 77 PDF Abstract
Resolving Elided Scopes of Modality in OntoAgent Marjorie McShane, Sergei Nirenburg, Stephen Beale, Ben Johnson 95 PDF Abstract
Acquiring Grounded Representations of Words with Situated Interactive Instruction Shiwali Mohan, Aaron Mininger, James Kirk, John Laird 113 PDF Abstract
Knowledge Enabled High-Level Task Abstraction and Execution Jan Winkler, Georg Bartels, Lorenz Mösenlechner, Michael Beetz 131 PDF Abstract
Efficient Complex Skill Acquisition Through Representation Learning Nan Li, Abraham J. Schreiber, William W. Cohen, Kenneth R. Koedinger 149 PDF Abstract
Noting Anomalies in Streams of Symbolic Predicates Using A-Distance Michael Cox, Tim Oates, Matt Paisner, Don Perlis 167 PDF Abstract
Similarity and Plausible Recommendations Susan Epstein, Eric Osisek, Ben Hixon, Rebecca J. Passonneau 185 PDF Abstract
Simultaneous Object Detection, Tracking, and Event Recognition Andrei Barbu, Siddharth Narayanaswamy, Aaron Michaux, Jeffrey M. Siskind 203 PDF Abstract
Online Determination of Value-Function Structure and Action-value
Estimates for Reinforcement Learning in a Cognitive Architecture
John Laird, Nate Derbinsky, Miller Tinkerhess 221 PDF Abstract
Flow Maximization as a Guide to Optimizing Performance: A Computational Model Vadim Bulitko, Matthew Brown 239 PDF Abstract
A Cognitive Architecture for Autonomous Robots Adam Haber, Claude Sammut 257 PDF Abstract
Systematic Integration of Cognitive and Robotic Architectures Matthias Scheutz, Jack Harris, Paul Schermerhorn 277 PDF Abstract
Analogical Word Sense Disambiguation for Learning by Reading: A Preliminary Report David Barbella, Kenneth D. Forbus 297 PDF Abstract