Recent Progress in Cognitive Systems Pat Langley 1 PDF
Authoring Papers on Cognitive Systems Research Pat Langley 3 PDF Abstract
Refereed Articles
The Understanding Problem in Cognitive Science Alexander R. Hough and Kevin A. Gluck 13 PDF Abstract
Linguistic Variation and Anomalies in Comparisons of Human and Machine-Generated Image Captions Minyue Dai, Sandra Grandic, and Jamie C. Macbeth 33 PDF Abstract
Reflecting After Learning for Understanding Lee Martie, Mohammad Arif Ul Alam, Gaoyuan Zhang, and Ryan R. Anderson 53 PDF Abstract
Instructable Cognitive Agents for Autonomous Evidence-Based Reasoning Gheorghe Tecuci, Steven Meckl, Dorin Marcu, and Mihai Boicu 73 PDF Abstract
Heuristic Construction of Explanations Through Associative Abduction Pat Langley and Ben Meadows 93 PDF Abstract
(Sub)Symbolic × (A)Symmetric × (Non)Combinatory: A Map of AI Approaches Spanning Symbolic/Statistical to Neural/ML Paul S. Rosenbloom, Himanshu Joshi, and Volkan Ustun 113 PDF Abstract
Using Domain Knowledge to Correct Anchoring Errors in a Cognitive Architecture Aaron Mininger and John E. Laird 133 PDF Abstract