Refereed Articles
Generating, Executing, and Monitoring Plans with Goal-Based Utilities in Continuous Domains Pat Langley, Dongkyu Choi, Mike Barley, Ben Meadows, and Edward Katz 1 PDF 
Managing Casual Spoken Dialogue Using Flexible Schemas, Pattern Transduction Trees, and Gist Clauses Seyedeh Zarah Razavi, Lenhart Schubert, Mohammad Rafayet Ali, and Mohammed Ehsan Hoque 2 PDF 
Kinesthetic Mind-Reader: A Method to Identify Image Schemas in Natural Language Dagmar Gromann and Maria Hedblom 3 PDF 
Treating Unexpected Input in Incremental Semantic Analysis Marjorie McShane, Kevin Blissett, and Irene Nirenburg 4 PDF 
An Architecture for Discovering Affordances, Causal Laws, and Executability Conditions Mohan Sridharan and Benjamin Meadows 5 PDF 
Simple Rules for Probabilistic Commonsense Reasoning Adam Purtee and Lenhart Schuber 6 PDF 
Deep Learning of Raven’s Matrices Can Serif Mekik, Ron Sun, and David Yun Dai 7 PDF 
Believe It or Not: Modeling Adversary Belief Formation in Stackelberg Security Games with Varying Information Debarun Kar, Subhasree Sengupta, Ece Kamar, Eric Horvitz, and Milind Tambe 8 PDF 
Approximate Graph Matching for Mistake-Tolerant Skill Assessment Melinda Gervasio, Christian Jones, and Karen Myers 9 PDF 
Character-Building Stories Dylan Holmes and Patrick Winston 10 PDF 
A Cognitive Systems Analysis of Personality and Conversational Style Pat Langley 11 PDF 
Cognitive Support for Rebel Agents: Social Awareness and Counternarrative Intelligence Alexandra Coman and David Aha 12 PDF